Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

 KBS Music Bank 07.12.13 – Dynamic Duo’s First Win with “BAAAM”

Dynamic Duo Winning K-Chart + Encore of “BAAAM”

SISTAR – “Crying” + “Give It To Me”

A-JAX – “Insane”

BESTie – “Intro” + “Pit-a-pat”

Girls Day – “Female President”

4minute – “Is It Poppin’?”

A Pink – “No No No”

A Pink – “Lovely Day”

EXO – “Wolf”

Roy Kim – “Love Love Love”

Dal Shabet – “Be Ambitious”

2Eyes – “Don’t Mess With Me”

Sunny Hill – “Darling Of All Hearts”

MC With Suho (EXO) and Yura (Girls Day) interviewing John Park and Ailee

MC’s D.O & Chanyeol (EXO) interviewing SISTAR and Dynamic Duo

INFINITE Comeback Next Week



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